Students Create Virtual Pop-up Thrift Shop on Instagram

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Two juniors at Ithaca College – Emma Zarabet and Samantha Marks – have turned their love of thrift store shopping into a temporary online business. The sartorial students took their favorite past time – they go thrifting every Thursday – and their lack of closet space to the online world and opened up a pop-up Instagram shop.

The move allows them to have some turn around in their style choices without contributing to the problems that come with fast fashion – like heavy reliance on and contamination of water sources. They also buy clothes from the thrift store specifically to sell on their Insta page.

Thrifting is a way of life for many, and recently has become extremely popular with people considering the impacts of their fashion habits. While reducing the need for more clothing in the first place is always preferable, if you’re the type who likes to “shop ’til you drop,” thrifting can help you get the fix with a little less guilt about all the resources.

[The Ithacan]

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