Living Sustainably: How ‘green’ is your coffee?

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Coffee is a favorite beverage of many people (including this poster), but is it a sustainable choice to make? Living Sustainably points out that it just might not be.

Coffee facts from the article:

  • Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day, mostly in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • It is the second-most valuable export of developing countries.
  • The global average water footprint of eight ounces of coffee is 34 gallons. Most of this is used during washing the beans.
  • Coffee farming can also reduce biodiversity; most of the world’s crop is produced on monoculture farms.
  • Coffee is also affected by unsustainable practices that foster global climate change.
  • Fluctuations in supply and demand make it a highly volatile commodity, which puts producers and their families at risk.
  • Most coffee is grown by small producers; 12.5 million small land owners worldwide rely on coffee for a living.

The world will likely not stop drinking this wonderful treat from the food gods, but you might want to consider cutting down a little bit, never wasting what you take and buying your beans from responsibly sourced suppliers.

[Living Sustainably]
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