Canada Warming at Twice the Global Rate, Leaked Report Finds

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Canada’s Changing Climate Report, a new report commissioned by the Canadian government,  finds that since 1948, Canada’s annual average, over land temperature has increased at twice the global rate, at an average of 1.7 C. The analysis found higher rates in the North, the Prairies and northern British Columbia, with some areas increasing by 2.3 C, almost three times the global average.

The warming has implications for how and where precipitation falls in the water-rich country. According to the report, “Canada is experiencing increases in precipitation (particularly in winter), “extreme fire weather” and water supply shortages in summer and a heightened risk of coastal flooding.”

The reports authors included  government scientists from the ministries of Environment and Climate Change, Fisheries and Oceans and Natural Resources and included contributions from university experts.

The authors concluded that warming has resulted from both human activity and natural variations in the climate,  but “the human factor is dominant,” especially emissions of greenhouse gases.

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