Calculator Featured in Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s State of Water

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The Tampa Bay Times is a member of the Florida Waters Stewardship Program, which is a seven-week course that teaches residents how to do their part to protect the Sunshine State’s famous waters. The course used our own GRACE Water Footprint Calculator as a teaching tool, and based on its effectiveness, the news outlet featured our tool in the a video.

Reporter, Tracee Stockwell, explains how crucial water is to Florida with its rivers, lakes and springs, as well as its wetlands ocean waters. Five large aquifers provide the groundwater that 90 percent of Floridians drinking water and 50 percent of its agricultural water. At the same time, water supply has been stressed by a large growth in population, development and pollution, which means protection of the resource is key.

The Florida Waters Stewardship Program is a program of the UF/IFAS Extension Pinellas County. be sure to watch the Tampa Bay Times video and take the Water Footprint Calculator.

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