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US Electricity Generation Changes Have Meant a Drop in Water Use

January 27, 2022

US Electricity Generation is Changing its Fuel Sources, and Water Use Continues to Drop Over Time US electricity generation—or the way electricity is produced—has changed considerably in recent decades. One major power sector change is the reduction of water withdrawals for power plant cooling, according to newly released US Energy Information Agency (EIA) data. Water […]

Data Center Cooling and Water Stewardship

December 10, 2021

Data center cooling uses a lot of water, but the industry is beginning to use water more sustainably through various actions. Data center cooling takes a lot of water, which is problematic, especially when areas where data centers are located experience water scarcity issues. Some companies are taking steps to improve their water stewardship and […]

Ultra-Processed Food Has Significant Environmental Implications

November 16, 2021

Ultra-processed food has significant environmental implications for Brazil, including an increased national water footprint. Ultra-Processed Food Consumption Has Ecological Implications in Brazil A new study about ultra-processed food in Brazil found that, in addition to health consequences from increased consumption of foods like sausages, prepared meals, margarine, sweets and soft drinks, etc., there are significant […]

Food industry is unprepared for future freshwater shortages, report finds

November 3, 2021

The food industry uses a lot of water, but many food production companies are unprepared for water shortages brought about by climate change, drought and over use. The food industry uses a lot of water. According to the FAO, “Agriculture, and especially irrigated agriculture, is the sector with by far the largest consumptive water use […]

Survey Says…Americans Underestimate Their Water Use

November 1, 2021

A survey finds that Americans aren’t aware of how much water they use A survey from American Water finds that Americans underestimate how much water they use. The survey is unique in that it not only refers to direct, at-home water use, but also includes indirect — or virtual — water use. Virtual water makes […]

Southwest drought linked to climate change in a new report by NOAA 

September 30, 2021

The southwest drought that has hammered drinking water and agricultural water supplies alike, has been linked to climate change by NOAA. The southwest drought currently gripping a substantial portion of the western half of the United States has been linked to climate change in a new report by NOAA. The drought is the most severe […]

California Water Use Rose in LA and San Diego Despite Requested Cuts

September 24, 2021

California water use rose in July, despite calls from the governor to cut use by 15 percent across the state. In July, Governor Gavin Newsom called for all Californians to reduce their water use by 15 percent. While water users in Northern California made strides toward accomplishing that goal, Southern Californians’ water use stayed flat, […]

Wildfire Pollution Affects Water Supplies

September 3, 2021

Wildfire pollution affects drinking water to the point where consumers can see, smell and taste the pollutants. Water utilities face a threat to water quality. Wildfire pollution is so bad in Western states that it has affected water quality in numerous communities. Water utilities must prepare for this constant threat to water quality. An unanticipated […]

Water Cuts Necessary in Orlando to Preserve Liquid Oxygen For COVID Patients

August 25, 2021

Water cuts for Orlando residents are necessary to preserve liquid oxygen for treatment of COVID patients, an element that is also used for water purification. Water cuts for Orlando, Florida residents have been called for by public officials as liquid oxygen used to purify municipal drinking water is needed to treat patients struggling with COVID […]