News briefs and articles about water footprints, water use and availability, as well as interviews with key people in the fields of water footprints and water use.

Interview: Florencia Ramirez on Why Saving Water Starts in the Kitchen

February 28, 2018

Food choices can impact a person’s water use. Author Florencia Ramirez wrote “Eat Less Water” after seven years spent visiting forward-thinking players in the food system to learn about their water-sustainable strategies. Then she wrote a book to share what she learned with the rest of us. The food choices we all make can impact […]

Interview: Sandra Postel on How We Can Replenish the Water Cycle

January 25, 2018

In her new book, Replenish, Sandra Postel offers ways that farmers, water managers and consumers can unite to restore the broken water cycle. For centuries humans have channeled water to create a prosperous, modern society. Whether it’s irrigating fields for food, constructing massive dams for water storage or building water treatment plants for clean water, […]

Interview: Clean Water and Industrial Agriculture with Kelly Hunter Foster

April 6, 2017

Factory farming is devastating rivers, lakes, and estuaries from industrial agriculture at swine, poultry, and dairy facilities. Waterkeeper Alliance senior attorney Kelly Hunter Foster manages the organization’s Clean Water Defense and National Pure Farms, Pure Waters campaigns to regulate runoff from factory farms. Kelly Hunter Foster’s background and experience with factory farming pollution has made […]

Interview: Arjen Hoekstra, Creator of the Water Footprint Concept

May 21, 2015

When Dr. Arjen Hoekstra created the water footprint he opened people’s eyes about how humanity uses water. Discover what guided Hoekstra onto this visionary path, the role that consumer decisions have on water use, the complexities of industrial versus pasture-raised meat, and more. Meet Dr. Arjen Hoekstra, creator of the water footprint. As interest in […]

Interview: Your Water Footprint with Author Stephen Leahy

November 3, 2014

Stephen Leahy is an award-winning environmental journalist who’s taken a particular interest in what he calls the “hidden world of virtual water” that surrounds us. In Stephen Leahy’s new book, Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use To Make Everyday Products, he illustrates the somewhat mysterious concept of virtual water using […]

Interview: Matt Malina of NYC H2O

April 21, 2011

Water educator Matt Malina loves New York City’s water system so much he created NYC H2O, a series of educational tours and lectures about the city’s infrastructure. Matt Malina of NYC H2O loves water! Water educator and math tutor Matt Malina, who grew up in New York City’s East Village, loves his city’s water system […]