News briefs and articles about water footprints, water use and availability, as well as interviews with key people in the fields of water footprints and water use.

Changes to the Water Footprint Calculator Website

March 9, 2020

Updates to the water data and sources and a redesign have made our Water Footprint Calculator even better! We at GRACE Communications Foundation are happy to announce the updates made to our award-winning Water Footprint Calculator (WFC) website. We gave the site a new, streamlined look, and we improved the functionality, expanded the content and […]

Spotlight: Water Calculator’s Interview with the Water Footprint Network

January 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: The following interview comes from the Water Footprint Network’s January 2019 newsletter. The field of Water Footprint Assessment has been evolving over the past 16 years. In this interview, we reflect on the past impact and future challenges of this great and growing field. Water Footprinting is a Growing Field In this interview, […]

The “Wonderful” Empire: How Land, Nuts and Water Made America’s Biggest Farmer

May 27, 2018

Stewart Resnick, America’s biggest farmer, continues to expand. But with California’s limited water resources, nature might just push back. In the Central Valley, the sunshine is plentiful but the moisture is not. Stewart Resnick is the biggest farmer in the United States and the overwhelming majority of his crops are rooted in the fertile lands […]

How Water Footprints Can Help Us Eat Less Water

October 26, 2017

People who eat less meat, eat less water. People who learn about the water footprint of the food make more sustainable choices and find ways to eat their way to water savings. Eat Less Meat, Eat Less Water How could Americans conserve water? Eat less meat. The first step is to show people just much […]

Waterkeepers Fighting Harmful Algal Blooms from Coast to Coast

September 18, 2017

On the front-lines of the battle against harmful algal blooms and nutrient pollution are local Waterkeepers — water protection organizations spread around the United States and the world. Waterkeeper Fighting Harmful Algal Blooms from Coast to Coast America’s waterways are as different and unique as its geography and people. From small streams, rural ponds and […]

How Big Is Your Water Footprint? You’ll Be Surprised

August 8, 2017

Many of us have no idea what our daily water usage is, but we know that current and future water crises mean we need to use water as productively as possible. Understanding Daily Water Usage Helps Communities Become More Resilient to Crises We built the Water Footprint Calculator to help people figure out their daily water usage […]

Algal Doom: The Many Colors of Algae and Their Potential Hazards

July 24, 2017

This series provides deep context on algal blooms. Check out other posts about their growing threat, what causes them and hot spots around the US. Go to FoodPrint to learn more about how industrial agriculture can harm our water. What is an Algal Bloom? Algae are microscopic phytoplankton such as bacteria and dinoflagellates that use photosynthesis to turn […]