The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Relevant Reports, Articles and Research

April 28, 2020

This list of reports, articles and research that illustrates and documents the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. While many of them call out the WEF Nexus specifically, some of them might not have as obvious a connection, so we’ve made those connections for you. GRACE Nexus Reports Know the Nexus (The Nexus Report) Download Know the Nexus […]

Drought or Deluge: Different Threats, Same Problems

April 28, 2020

Climate change is warming the atmosphere so it holds more water vapor. This impacts weather patterns, changing where and how precipitation falls, intensifying rain events and wreaking havoc on communities around the country. Climate Change is Warming the Atmosphere With increasing frequency the country is experiencing wild weather patterns that swing from droughts to flooding, […]

Why All Farms Don’t Use Drip Irrigation

April 28, 2020

For various reasons, many farmers cannot rely entirely on rainfall and must turn to irrigation to water their crops. While drip irrigation might seem like the logical choice because of its efficiency, the reasons why farmers use one system over another are varied and sometimes complex. The type of system can impact crop yields as […]

The 900 Gallon Diet: Meat, Portion Size and Water Footprints

April 28, 2020

While many Americans expect to eat a certain amount of meat, and many might think, “Well, I don’t eat that much,” they might be surprised by just how much meat (and dairy) they actually consume every day. This is an important consideration in water footprints because the water footprint of meat and dairy can be […]

Water Use, Withdrawal and Consumption

April 27, 2020

“Water use” often fails to adequately describe what happens to water because “water use” can take two forms – consumption or withdrawal. It’s important to understand the difference. The US withdraws a lot of water on a daily basis for use in homes, businesses, industries and food production. While domestic use is significant, the majority […]

The Importance of Clean Water

April 27, 2020

When the country’s water is polluted it is devastating, but US water and wastewater systems don’t receive the funding needed to keep working properly. Water and Wastewater Systems Need Funding to Work Properly Water is one of the United States’ most vital resources, and when the country’s water is polluted, it is devastating, not only […]

Indoor Water Use at Home

April 25, 2020

When most people in the US want fresh, clean water, all they have to do is turn on a faucet. Still, no place is immune from drought, so it’s important to be conservative with your water use at home, no matter where you live. On average in the US, water use at home (water from […]

Food’s Big Water Footprint

April 25, 2020

You might be surprised by how big the water footprint of food is. In the US, agriculture is responsible for 80 percent of all water consumed (water that is evaporated or otherwise removed from the watershed). The Big Water Footprint of Food and Agriculture California’s recent multi-year extreme drought was hard on the state’s agricultural […]

Metodología de calculadora de huella hídrica

January 9, 2020

Nuestra Calculadora de la huella hídrica proporciona una instantánea de cómo las actividades y rutinas diarias de una persona afectan su uso del agua. La metodología de la calculadora proporciona todos los datos, fuentes y cálculos detrás de las preguntas y los valores promedio. Cómo funciona la calculadora de huella hídrica A través de una […]