What is a water footprint?

Water Footprint Calculator Methodology

May 27, 2017

A water consumption calculator – our Water Footprint Calculator – provides a snapshot of how a person’s daily activities and routines impact their water consumption. This methodology provides all of the data, calculations and sources for all of the questions and average values used in the calculator. How the Water Footprint Calculator Works Through a series of […]

Water Footprint Comparisons by Country

May 22, 2017

Which country uses the most water? Global water usage is driven by industrial and agricultural water use. While agricultural water use is the biggest water use category globally, industrial water use can be significant and varies greatly by country. The amount depends upon the volume of freshwater used to produce consumer goods like cars, plastic […]

What Is a Water Footprint?

May 13, 2017

It is important for individuals, households, businesses and countries to ask “What is a water footprint?” as they do an assessment of water use patterns at different levels. An Assessment of Water Use Patterns at Different Levels, Both Direct and Virtual. Fresh water is vital to life, but as the world’s population grows, so does its use […]