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Drought or Deluge: Different Threats, Same Problems

April 28, 2020

Climate change is warming the atmosphere so it holds more water vapor. This impacts weather patterns, changing where and how precipitation falls, intensifying rain events and wreaking havoc on communities around the country. Climate Change is Warming the Atmosphere With increasing frequency the country is experiencing wild weather patterns that swing from droughts to flooding, […]

The Importance of Clean Water

April 27, 2020

When the country’s water is polluted it is devastating, but US water and wastewater systems don’t receive the funding needed to keep working properly. Water and Wastewater Systems Need Funding to Work Properly Water is one of the United States’ most vital resources, and when the country’s water is polluted, it is devastating, not only […]

The Importance of Mountain Snowpack to Water Resources

October 13, 2018

Snowpack that collects on mountains is vital to the water resources of the United States, but also to the waterways and water supplies around the world. As mountain snowpack melts, it slowly releases water into streams, rivers and lakes. Although snowmelt supplies up to 50 percent of the world’s freshwater and around 75 percent of […]

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

October 12, 2018

Climate scientists have been saying all along that one of the primary effects of climate change is the disruption of the water cycle. Since so much of everyday life and planning is determined by hydrological systems, it is important to understand the impact that climate change is having (and will have) on drinking water supplies, […]