2020 Election: Water Decisions Pepper State and Local Ballots

2020 Election: Water Decisions Pepper State and Local Ballots

In the 2020 Election, More Than Who Runs the Country is at Stake

There’s no question the Presidential race will affect national water policy, but it’s at the state and local level where all the impacts actually happen and where all the court cases begin. Because all politics are local – especially in the 2020 election – here’s a wrap up of all the ways that this election and those in our recent past have or will affect our waters at the state and local level.

Further complicating some of these races is the pandemic, which adds an extra burden for many and has affected some potential races. For example, in New York State, the state was set to vote on a $3 million bond that would have funded projects related to climate, energy and water issues around the state. The Governor decided to pull the measure from the ballot as the state began struggling with pandemic-related financial uncertainty. The measure will likely return since the need persists.

If you’re interested in how your state is doing with its water issues, a good starting place is with its water conservation programs. You can find an assessment of each state in this report from the Alliance for Water Efficiency. If infrastructure is your thing, check out the American Society for Civil Engineers Report Card that evaluates the condition and performance of infrastructure on a state-by-state level. It is eye opening to see how your state is functioning, especially where water infrastructure is concerned.

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