The Year 2019 Was Historically Wet

The Year 2019 Was Historically Wet

More weather stations recorded 2019 as a top 10 wettest year than ever before (685 in 2018 versus 743 in 2019). The heaviest rainfall in 2019 was centered in the Midwest and Great Plains, leaving both regions reeling from record-setting flooding.

Climate change is linked to these more intense precipitation events, as explained here by Climate Central:

The trapping of heat by greenhouse gases is resulting in rising global temperatures. Not only does this mean that more water evaporates from the land and oceans, but a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor—for every 1°F of warming, the saturation level of the atmosphere increases by about four percent. This leads to extreme precipitation events that are both heavier and more frequent. July 2018 – June 2019 was the wettest 12 month period on record for the U.S., and 2019 is on track to be the wettest year ever recorded.

Go to Climate Central to use the interactive tool and find the rainfall trends in a city near you.

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