2019 Will Be a Big Year for Water

2019 Will Be a Big Year for Water

Here’s another look ahead at 2019 as told by Water Lover Extraordinaire Tara Lohan.

As we’ve discussed before, changes to how the country regulates certain waterways will be a big topic of discussion in 2019 (see the note below about the only public hearing taking place on the changes).

Colorado River water allocations are being fought over and will likely be brought to a resolution this year. The river supplies residential water for millions and is heavily allocated to farming and hydropower production. Stay tuned because the agreement may not ultimately address the ever dwindling flow that the river provides.

As always, infrastructure will be an issue (when is infrastructure week again?). And if the past is prologue, we should expect the extremes that come with wild weather and our, by now, old friends, drought and flooding.


The hearing on the Trump administration’s proposed WOTUS definition can be heard as an EPA webinar and takes place in Kansas City on January, 23 2019.