It’s National Fix a Leak Week

It’s National Fix a Leak Week

It is national Fix a Leak Week in the United States. This EPA-initiated event happens every year around World Water Day, March 22.

Do you think water leaks are no big deal? Think again, since the EPA estimates that every year in the US one trillion gallons of treated water goes to waste from leaks. This is equivalent to the water use of over 11 million homes, and is as much as 14 percent of our direct water use! What a waste, especially when water supplies are threatened in so many places around the country. Fixing easily addressed water leaks can save homeowners around 10 percent on their water bills and reduce the burden on water treatment utilities.

If you’re stuck at home because of bad weather, social distancing or whatever reason, use that time to find and fix your water leaks. Get tips on how to fix them inside and outside your house, and find other ways to save with our water saving tips. Now, let’s get out there and fix those water leaks!

Fix a Leak Week graphic
EPA infographic: Annual Household Leaks Waste: 1 Trillion Gallons Water = Water Use in 11 Million Homes

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By Robin Madel

Image: Old leaking pipe Credit: @simonalvinge on adobe stock