Derelict motel simming pool Southwest USA

50 Alternative Uses For Your Empty Pool

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50 Alternative Uses for Your Empty Pool

Ok, so this post doesn’t apply to everyone. But with drought a huge topic in the news year after year, and outdoor pools requiring major water inputs (just like grass), a lot of homeowners are opting to leave theirs dry

We challenged ourselves to come up with 50 ideas for your empty pool, and we met that challenge, albeit…creatively. Check out our list, and if you’re lucky enough to build that recirculating farm in #18, please send photos, because we’re all jealous. 

1.  Skate park
2.  Bulldog skate park
3.  Roller rink
4.  Racquetball court
5.  Handball court
6.  Volleyball “equalizer” court (tall folk in the deep end, short folk in the shallow end)
7.  Dog park
8.  Cat corral
9.  Beekeeping co-op 
10.  Ferret hiding spot (Looking at you, CA, HI, DC & NYC)
11.  Underground nightclub
12.  Improv troupe practice space
13.  Experimental theater
14.  Art space
15.  Really big herb garden
16.  Moderate-sized veggie garden
17.  Tiny fruit orchard
18.  All-in-one veggie/fish/chicken farm
19.  Hopscotch arena
20.  Foursquare stadium
21.  Jump rope amphitheater
22.  Coolest outdoor sleepover spot on the block
23.  Shadow puppet venue
24.  Impromptu a cappella group contest setting
25.  Outdoor movie theater
26.  LARPing (Live Action Role Play) pitch
27.  Tight rope practice space (shallow end, please)
28.  Tiger trap
29.  Recording studio (The reverb!)
30.  Open-air home office
31.  Open-air survivalist bunker
32.  Giant fire pit
33.  Outdoor yoga studio
34.  Trampoline pit
35.  Beginner jai alai practice space
36.  Venice Boardwalk-style outdoor gym
37.  Outdoor tanning salon
38.  Street art museum
39.  Graffiti tagging spot for no-good teen neighbor
40.  Sandbox
41.  Sand bathing business
42.  Mosquito breeding center
43.  Tech start-up incubator
44.  Extra-challenging putting green
45.  Difficult shuffleboard court
46.  Unwinnable bocce court
47.  Impossible croquet course
48.  Toddler walking practice venue (Padding not included)
49.  Ironic spot for your kiddie pool
50.  Fake pool

Originally published at GRACE’s former blog Ecocentric by Peter Hanlon on 06.16.2015.
Image: Derelict Motel Swimming Pool Southwest USA. Credit: @Paul