What is the Water Footprint of…?

What is the Water Footprint of…?

Find the water footprint of some common food products and consumer goods. We put together a food from a day in the typical American diet and gathered a list of some common consumer products and listed their water footprints.

Download a [PDF] of this list.

Table 1. Food Products

Steak (beef)6 ounces674 gallons
Hamburger1 (includes bread, meat, lettuce, tomato)660 gallons
Ham (pork)3 ounces135 gallons
Eggs1 egg52 gallons
Soda17 ounces46 gallons
Coffee1 cup34 gallons
Wine1 glass34 gallons
Salad1 (includes tomato, lettuce, cucumbers21 gallons
SOURCE: Food’s Big Water Footprint

Table 2. Consumer Goods

Car13,737 – 21,926 gallons
Leather Shoes3,626 gallons
Smart phone (mobile)3,190 gallons
Bed Sheet (cotton)2,839 gallons
Jeans (cotton)2,108 gallons
T-shirt (cotton)659 gallons
SOURCE: The Hidden Water in Everyday Products