Water Footprint Calculator Awards and Recognition

Water Footprint Calculator Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition for the Water Footprint Calculator

The Water Footprint Calculator has received several awards and some prestigious recognition for our commitment to educating people about their water use and the importance of water footprints.

  • 2020 Communicator Award of Excellence for Environmental Awareness Websites
  • 2019 Webby Nomination for the Green Category
  • 2017 Webby Nomination for the Green Category
  • 2016 White House Water Summit recognition for launch of the Spanish Water Footprint Calculator
  • 2016 Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 Environmental Champion Award
  • 2015 Graphic Design USA’s American Graphic Design Award

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Who is Using the Water Footprint Calculator

Nationwide, almost 1.5 million visitors have gotten their water footprint. Students and teachers at the middle-school, high-school and university levels have all taken advantage of the calculator and used the resources available on the site. In addition, many municipalities and organizations use the calculator as a resource to promote awareness of water footprints and water conservation.

These are just some of the organizations that have recognized the value of Water Footprint Calculator resources by featuring them on their sites: